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New category – GIANT COOKIES!

Hi all. Just a quickie to hail a new era of tastiness: life size (ish) musical hero portrait cookies. YAH! This afternoon’s offerings – two of my personal musical heroes – are below.



Slice of hairy cake anyone?

So, of all the musicians in the world to depict as my first portrait cake, it ended up being Warren Ellis. He’s not an easy or possibly obvious choice to describe with icing… hairy! Portrait cakes are a little smaller than the full 12 inch spectacular, and a little quicker to work up so those of you looking for a cake who can’t quite stretch to “the works”, here’s another option. Can someone please order a Ziggy cake soon!


Happy New Year Cakefaces! – Let’s get ready to rhumble…

Hallo, and a happy new year to you all.
Sorry to have been away for so long – the months running up to Christmas was one full of non-cake-based prop-making work as well as the usual, so I will have you update you in the coming days.

Update number one – I have put more cake details on the about page so you know a little more what to expect from a Tasty 12 cake.
Update number two – Here is one of the cakes I’ve made in my recent absence – classic PJ & Duncan AKA Ant & Dec. This was a 30th birthday surprise commissioned by the lovely Chris. It ended up being a whopping two layer lemon and white poppy seed cake with a lemon curd layer in the middle – truly a winner!


So. Today is my dear friend Carmelita’s birthday. It is also (by a sick twist of medical scheduling fate) her one year old Nico’s birthday. Imagine. Actually, maybe don’t. As a slight return to an old recipe, I thought rather than a record cake for a joint kid/adult birthday, I would work on my giant rainbow cupcakes. And lo and behold, the rainbow cupcakes were baked, iced, and topped with something that made me REALLY happy to have an excuse to buy it – PURPLE EDIBLE GLITTER.

This changes e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Here, then are the rainbow cakes. Weirdly, the purple decided to migrate from the top of the cake to the middle. Thanks to Scarlet for modelling a cake for me – you have no idea how much of an effort it was for her to stop eating for the duration of two photos. Can’t really blame her either!

What better way to say farewell?

Some cakes are very simple and can be whipped up in a mere instant. Others you start icing, and 2 hours later realise you’ve not even covered half of the surface. Here then, is one of those instances. Thank goodness for rubbish/brilliant tv (CSI, what would I do without your most beautiful anaesthetic powers?) because this took me 5 hours to ice. Totally worth it! This little pile of deliciousness went out last night to a Warp Records staff leaving do. Best of luck to Priya in her new life!

Thanks Emerald Street!

Well well well. The dear girls at Emerald Street have apparently sniffed out my cakes and spread the Tasty 12 Inch word far and wide. Thank ladies. You truly are ahead of the curve! So, it seems I am well and truly taking orders as of now. Get your ideas and requests in now loves, while there’s time in the calendar. Two new cakes to show you later this week. Also, there’s a little Facey page here if you would care to show your support with the click of a cursor: Tasty 12 Facebook

We Love Birthdays

I really don’t have a lot to say about this cake. It was delicious (almond sponge – personal fave for birthday cake BTW), it rose like a mother, and it required a trolley to transport it to the park for unveiling and consumption.

Mina and Lily love Pulp, and Pulp love life/birthdays.


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